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BAE, Before Anyone Else is an exciting six-level series for language learners like you. By providing a constructivist authentic language approach, BAE prepares you for both academic and professional contexts of language learning. Through exciting and appealing
topics which relate to you and the world around you.
BAE is an integrated skills series, it fosters the development of Active Listening and
Reading as well as productive skills through the Talking Points and the Writer’s Hub
sections. It reinforces 21st Century skills such as collaboration through constant interactions with classmates, creativity with novel and appealing tasks and projects. Develop literacy in media, technology and communication and critical thinking to reinforce life skills to succeed beyond the classroom setting.
Along each module, be sure to look out for the Everyday Language sections which will provide you with additional common expressions. The Learn More section includes links
to useful resources to support your learning. Appreciate the world’s diversity through the
Multiculturalism section. Improve your study strategies with our Study Skills section, in
which you will find tips for a more effective learning.

Wrap up each module with the Active review. Find additional practice in the integrated
workbook and test what you know with a Module Exam.

The language learning journey is better with BAE, by your side.

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ISBN: 978-607-510-196-5